Programs and Projects

The Africa Green Tech Generation Campaign is a Guiding initiative that was launched in nine African countries i.e Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, Madagascar, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi and Tanzania to raise awareness on the importance of climate change. This campaign seeks to teach communities about the importance of tree planting and thrives to plant 1000 trees in Zimbabwe by the end of the year.

DONOR : FK Norway
COUNTRIES INVOLVED: Zimbabwe, Malawi, Madagascar, Kenya ,Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Burundi Nepal and Bangladesh.

The Youth South to South Exchange Program goes an extra mile to bring young women of age 18-25 of different culture and race in both the Africa and Asia Pacific Regions together .The program aims at increasing and diversifying membership, improving the image of Girl Guiding in Zimbabwe and the other countries involved , addressing issues affecting the girls and young women and building the leadership capacity of young women. In addition ,this program also facilitates learning, sharing of ideas and understanding each other.

The Y.E.S.S girls movement is a journey of  a lifetime that every aspiring leader deserves to embark on. Young women are given  the opportunity to stay in another county for six months, experiencing guiding in a different environment and most interestingly learning new culture and skills as well as sharing ideas from their home association with the host association.

What is Free Being Me?banner_fbmeA one-of-a-kind programme! Through fun and interactive activities, children and young people learn that body confidence and self-esteem come from valuing their bodies, standing up to social pressures, and supporting others to be more body confident. By working together, leading others and speaking out, participants will be empowered to make a difference in their local and global communities.

FBM is a WAGGGS and Dove initiated program with the mission to empower girls and young women with self esteem and body confidence .

When fbm was introduced to Girl Guides Association of Zimbabwe (GGAZ) it  brought in new energy and enthusiasm to the Association . with the target to reach out to 22 000 girls with fbm activities, we carried out trainings and conducted rural outreaches through out the country. This  made fbm one of the most popular and relevant program in the Association.

The impact of the program was tremendous as we not only managed to reach out to girls and young women but also to boys, men and the old

With the target to reach out to 22 000 girls and young currently we have reach out to 9000 and we made close to 200 peer educators.

Who can take part?

Any Girl Guide/Girl Scout group (girl-only and boys and girls mixed), aged 7-14.

Why should my group take part?

Change lives: Free Being Me has been created with world-leading experts in body confidence. Studies have shown that taking part in activities like those in Free Being Me has a lasting impact on girls’ well being.

at the end of the activities, your group will Take Action! You will reach out to your local community, boosting the body confidence of more children and young people, and raise the profile of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting where you live.

Especially for you: written especially for our non-formal Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting setting, Free Being Me reflects the World Association’s values and focus on developing skills for life.

Develop young leaders: Free Being Me is ideal for peer educators or young leaders to run. Peer leaders may help girls and boys feel comfortable with taking a more active part in the activities.

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